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My New Favourite Teddy Bears!

Tommy Hilfiger & Ralph Lauren Teddies!

Tommy Hilfiger on the left and Polo Ralph Lauren on the right!

New hobby on the line! Collect branded Teddies!! Hehe~

Eric, The Cool Wannabe


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Time might be fast! But it is definitely not short!

It will be 6 months since i enlisted in army on 16th Decemeber, although many say 2 years in the army is not that long a period but i would beg to differ…

In this 6 months, eventhough i go back to home on weekends as much as possible, i could not help but notice i am really difting away from it….

In the past, going back home seeing the dogs, they would be wagging their tails happy to see me but now they bark at me! T.T  The dogs thinks i am intruder!! Stunning~ but true!

My niece used to play with me when i was around but now, she crys whenever she sees me, probably she thinks i’m a walking monster lol~

Just 6 months, it proved to me that it was long enough to make things change. We should not underestimate the power of time just because we look back into the past thinking time goes by real fast, causing us to believe that time is short…

No matter time being fast or slow for anyone, it will still affect you equally whether you realise or not….

Eric, The Cool Wannabe

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I am Back~

Its really been quite some time since i last posted, so i got kinda bored today and decided to blog something~

Showering in camp at night from 8-9pm is warm water! But showering at 1am is FUCKING COLD!!!! Every press of shower button takes tremendous courage! I shall declare myself most couragest man lah! As i took shower in camp at 1am for a few nights already!

Rainie new album is out like quite some time!!! Support her wor!!!

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Malaysia Home Trip

Went back Malaysia home to spend the weekend.

Pretty much a simple weekend, no much activities just a whole lot of slacking around…

The main reason i went back to spend the weekend was just to have a drive on the 350Z…

On Friday night, hansheng was late which made me and Jeff wait for him….

Gave Jeff a ride home which is in Geylang Patah and we had super late dinner / supper around his estate…


Since Han Sheng took the pictures, he forgot to take one of himself so….. there ain’t a picture of him…. lol

Heres some pictures of the food that we ate,



*Note: Jeff u promised to intro us to Poof! End up u didn’t, Hope nx time u will… lol

On Saturday, i got woke up in the morning to…………


So i decided to test drive the 350Z to go buy it….

Han Sheng and I were kinda not so awake so we kinda forgot to take pictures lol…..

And the reason Han Sheng woke up to accompany me there is becuz i told him breakfast my treat…. =.=

Anyway here are some pictures of the car…


After breakfast, guess wad…. Han Sheng went back to sleep….. PIG

In the afternoon, we ended up singing karaoke in my house…. lol

Oh~ i nearly forgot, this time round i saw the new puppies! So CUTE!


We spent sunday looking arnd my estate and the new estate beside mine…

We got into some of the showrooms to take a look and boy were they beautiful~!



It was evening when we ended the trip and the car was dirty like hell so i took some time to give a wash…


So this kinds of conclude our little slacking weekend……

Eric, The Cool Wannabe

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Finally! Some free time to blog!

Its been 1/2 a month since i last blogged!! So thats how long i have been busy with these shit work….

Nothing much happened except whole lot of work to do since i last blogged except i finally had some time this weekend to enjoy myself which in return made me spend $$…..

Went out on friday night with Samuel to get something he and me wanted for quite some time….

Armani Ear Studs!!

Being this Emporio Armani, the packaging really rocks to the core which made me think that i spent so much is for the packaging itself…

Han Sheng and Yong Xiang came to stay over the weekend and hopefully we can play some basketball on Saturday which ended up playing games and being lazy to go…. This is the second time already! >.<

Pretty much enjoyed ourselves in my house but we did end up taking a few pictures with this spongebob tent that i bought for my niece quite some time back…

These photos are silly but we are definitely spongebob squarepants fans! lol

And look what they done to my patrick…

Weekend ended with so much fun but thinking of needing to go back camp tomorrow is just making me so sian…


The car has arrived and is in Malaysia, no pictures of it yet as i, myself has yet to even put my hands on it…(I will find time to go back for a drive next week if possible!)

The 3 puppies all have gotten their names…. Oreo, Chocolate and Cookie! Sounds yummy~! opps….. Thanks Pris for suggesting!

Eric, The Cool Wannabe

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Weee! My dad just got 3 more dogs in malaysia!!

The puppies so cute lah!!! Haven given them any names yet, still thinking… Anyone have suggestion feel free to let me noe!!!

Here are the pictures of them!!!



The car is still not here yet due to slow bidding in the no. 23 license plate which my dad wants.

Hansheng & Daryl working at comex! Remember to visit or maybe even buy camera from them!!! I think the brand is pentax…

Macross Frontier rox!! Anyone wants to watch anime and dunno what to watch, watch Macross Frontier! Its damn nice!!

Eric, The Cool Wannabe

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Combat Arms!!

Been spending all my free time slacking and playing combat arms….

Ya i know, its like of lifeless but since i dun feel like doing anything else might as well just play the game i like to keep me busy and stop me from thinking stupid stuff….

Anyone who wants to play combat arms, let me know wor!!! Play together! haha


Extra motivated and determined to work myself into shape!

Being alone at kranji camp doing work is quite nice…

Fujitsu stuffs are just crap…. Their laptops are known for being overly hot, but air-con as well?! OMG man my air-con is dispensing water as if its a water dispenser…


Badminton anyone? Let me know if you are interested to play, when? Most probably this weekend in the morning i hope~ Venue: No idea but most probably Tampines area bah~

Eric, The Cool Wannabe

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Nissan 350Z!

Dad has been considering to buy mum a sports car and it even got to the point where porsche boxster was considered…

It was a very hopeful week for me as what my mum drives = what i drive when i get back to Malaysia! Wahaha!

Just this morning when i called my mum to ask about something, den did i know they were out to buy car and they were ready to buy it on the spot if my mum likes it… =.= how i wish that was me….

Ended up with my mum choosing nissan 350z and i am so gonna apply for overseas leave over the weekends when the car is ready to drive it!!!

The purchase of that 350Z is so gonna solidify my decision to give up my PR right after my NS! (PR not allowed to drive malaysia registered cars into Singapore)

Eric, The Cool Wannabe

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RROD on my Xbox 360!

As of August 09, 2008 at 2.18am, my Xbox 360 has offically died probably due to hardware failure!!!

So sian have to call the hotline den bring down to funan 1 to 1 exchange provided my console is still under warranty, if not i am so dead man~

The worst of all, the freaking hotline is only open during weekdays lah! I at army how to call and talk to them about the freaking xbox 360 sia!

Hope they replace one with HDMI port de give me back, let me zhuan dao or else sure sian 1/2 one…

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